Wide Angle : Sakatazame

Shark or Ray サカタザメ

Brown guitarfish

Brown guitarfish, Rhinobatos schlegelii (MÜLLER & HENLE, 1841), is a kind of the ray.
However, They have common names like ‘ Sand shark ‘, ‘ Sand skate shark ‘. In Japanese, they are called ‘ Sakata Zame ‘ also. Zame=Same means the shark.
The body shape of brown guitarfish is like the shark. The wings like fins of chest is too small as the ray. But gills are located at stomack side. The gills of the shark are located at both side of its body behinde of its mouth.
This Brown guitarfish was shooted 2years ago, at Kajika, Mie, Japan. Although, this point is famous of Japanese bullhead sharks, fisies what I often see are Brown guitarfish, or Sepia stingray