Sea Scape : Behind the seafan

Still, I’m in camouflaged even yet.

There are a lot of creatures that very good at hiding in the seascape. Longnose Hawkfish, Frogfish….. They are wearing in very flashy clothes. however, their clothes are very effective camouflage costumes in the bush of colorful soft corals. This photo is taken of a seafan. Can you find out a fish behind the seafan. It looks amazing camouflage technique. The other photo was taken from the other side. Marbled rockfish (Sebastiscus marmoratus) just stays at a branch of the seafan. His attitude was very funny. He was insisting to be in camouflaged even yet. And it was interesting to see his strange face as to why he has been found out by me. Hitotsuishi, Owase, Mie, Japan. -18m