A waterfall vase with a fantastic atmosphere created by the sunlight

Seirei Waterfall 蜻蛉の滝

This waterfall is located at Yoshino county, Nara, Japan. The central area of the Kii peninsula. Yoshino is one of the old places in Japan where has a lot of legends. The name of this waterfall has a story also.
Seirei waterfall at Yoshino Nara. It was named after the dragonfly legend that saved the 21st Emperor Yuryaku (the latter half of the 5th century) from a horsefly bite. Seirei is a different name of the dragonfly. In Japanese, The dragonfly is called Tombo usually.

broad-winged damselfly (Calopteryx cornelia)

The day I visited here, a lot of dragonflies were flying around the small river runs crystal-clear water.

This waterfall has two stages with a height of about 50m, has another name as “The rainbow waterfall”. I was lucky when I could visit here on a sunny day. When I gazed at the bottom of the waterfall, there was a fantastic scene that the second stage waterfall vase was shining in mysterious colors. It was a great moment.

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A small hidden waterfall

A small hidden waterfall at the Lake Tsukigase, Nara City, Japan.
Water from the deep forest flows down into the lake. This waterfall is called “Ryuo no Taki = The waterfall of Dragon King”. It has a legend. This waterfall was found about 1300 years ago by En no Ozunu who is called “En no Gyouja”, also. He is the founder of Shugendo. And this place used as a place for training.
Shugendo is the Japanese mountain asceticism-shamanism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts.