Macro : Parablennius yatabei イソギンポ

Jordan & Snyder, 1900

It is not rare but cute

Iso-ginpo in Japanese

The Yatabe blenny is a species of combtooth blenny. Two sticks protruding from the head are marks. It is not difficult to see them at the rocky shore in Japan. However, this Yatabe blenny lives at the sandy bottom area. So that his home is the hole of a steel pipe. This pipe is a part of a scaffold that was sunken to make it a fishing reef. This blenny is about 8-10cm. It seems an adult fish. Osezaki, Izu peninsula, Japan. -12m.

Macro : Young Pineconefish マツカサウオの幼魚

Monocentris japonica (Houttuyn, 1782)

Shape is the adult, yet very tiny and cute

Matsukasa-uo in Japanese. Matsukasa is pine corn. uo is fish

Pinecone fish are displayed as “Luminous fish” in many aquariums. It is interesting to see the area under the eyes of them are fluorescing in the darkened tank. Generally, they live in the deep sea, However, young Pinecone fish are found shallow water where we can watch longtime in Scuba Diving. Many fishes are different shape young age and grownup. There is a lot of fish that the appearance is largely different in child and adult. Although the shape of Pinecone fish is as same as an adult, it is very cute that swimming around under the of rock reef in the tiny body.

Macro : Warty frogfish クマドリカエルアンコウ

Antennarius maculatus (Desjardins, 1840)

The secret of camouflage. Flashy costunes good for at the flashy background

Frogfish is one of the fish that is hard to find, even though it is in flashy fashion wear. It is a surprise because the colorful pattern mixes with the colors of sponges or rocks. It is said the warty frogfish grows up to 15 cm long. This guy seems very young, the length is under 1cm. Can you see a small esca is at the center of his head? The esuca is a fake bait. Frogfish uses this as a fishing lode. It is very interesting what kind of fish is cached by this tiny frogfish. Osezaki, Izu peninsula, Japan. -12m.

Macro : Yellow pygmy-goby ミジンベニハゼ

Lubricogobius exiguus Tanaka, 1915

cool face sometimes

Mijinbeni-haze in Japanese

As the common name suggests, Yellow pygmy-goby is small bright yellow goby. Osezaki (Izu peninsula, Chiba) is a famous place where can watch that cutey fish. An old bottle is on a sandy seabed at the depth about -20m, Yellow pigmy-goby is appearing their faces from the mouth of a bottle. Its lovely face is popular for divers, but it also shows a cool face sometimes.